If you want to save money by changing the oil on your own or thinking of the reliable way to jack up the car then it convenient if you have your jack. It is a bit difficult to select whether you want to choose the bottle jack or power floor jack. You need to understand the proper difference between both the terms to take better decision.

What Is Floor Jacks?

You can consider that floor jack will rest on the floor when connected with your vehicle. You can operate it with the hydraulics. It comprises of two essential parts which include piston pump and a cylinder assembly.

You can get the floor jacks in two standard sizes. The large one is the model of the pound which can lift up to 4 to 10 tons. The small model can lift the weight by about 1.5 tons. There are different standard sizes of jacks available. Along with it, you can even select from the mini jacks. You can choose the one as it varies from different weights and bit compact.

Bottle Jack

What Is Bottle Jack?

After understanding floor jack, now it’s time to know about facts related with bottom jack. If you want to select the right one, then it is just that you know about both the jacks. The most significant advantage of bottle jack is that you can lift more weight with bottle jack when compared with the floor jacks. If you are using a bottle jack, then you will specifically require ground clearance. These are some of the compact designs which are the excellent choice for commercial use.

You will be given a key with the jack who will help you to handle the jack correctly. You have to place it tight until it is correctly connected to the vehicle. With the help of the pumping action, you can easily lift your vehicle.

Which Jack Is Right?

Floor JackWhen it comes to selection then probably you have to be very specific. There is ease of using the jack as both of them operate with the help of hydraulic mechanism. If you prefer going with the floor jacks, then they are preferably more stable. It is the jack which is used for a long time and distributes the weight appropriately. There are fewer chances that vehicle will fall from the jack.

There are some of the models available which have the wheels. It will provide with the access to move the jack along with the vehicle. T is the feature which is helpful when you are under the vehicle.

As a matter of fact, bottle jacks can lift the good weight when compared with the floor jacks. It is the best choice for the truck drivers as trucks are heavier in size. If you are looking for the jack, who will help in lifting the vehicle quickly then go for the bottle jack they will lift the vehicle with the help of bottle hydraulic jacks. If you want the portable jack, then go for the small size of the bottle jack.


We have mentioned some of the facts about both the bottle jack and floor jack. It is a great way which will help you to take better and quick decision. You can read the article thoroughly to know about the facts related to the jacks. In order to get the right product to be selective in your approach. You can also indulge in proper research which will help you to take a practical decision. Price should not be the factor when selecting the right product. You check the best one for your vehicle to get best services.